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If you have stayed with us at Osa Mountain Village Resort, please submit your own testimonial!

Cynthia and Ana | Added on Jun 17, 2013

We went to Osa Mountain Village because we had the opportunity to know this place at a Touristic Fair in San José. Bill and Eric invite us to know the community and we gladly agreed. We never imagine how wonderful is this place, we were received with an excellent service and amiability. The Villa we had was very nice and luxurious. At night we went to Toucan Tilly’s to drank some delicious cocktails prepared by the friendly bartender!!! That night we were celebration Costa Rica’s Independence day and they had the bar fully decorated with the colors of our flag! The next morning we went to do the Canopy Tour! Is one of the best ones we have done ever!! The guides were very funny, we will never forget the hanging bridge and the Tarzan Swing. After this we went to the butterflies and humming birds garden, which are very beautiful, Dave explain us very carefully all the process of the life of the butterflies and all the species he has, he is very passionate when he talks about them. Also, we did a hike to an amazing Waterfall which we enjoy a lot and freshed up. The last thing we did was the eco tour, we learn about how they grow up all the vegetables and fruits they use at the restaurant (delicious food!!) and the residents also are able to use them. We want to congratulate everyone involved for us to have an excellent stay, we received an excellent treatment and we loved the place, we highly recommend this place to families, groups of friends and couples to visit OMV, you will never forget this experience.!!!

Rita | Added on Oct 03, 2012

I just can not forget the incredible place it is the Osa Mountain Village.
We costaricans do not imagine that such a beautiful place exists up the mountains of Cortes.
It is like you are living in Paradise. The Villas are luxurious and you are just in the jungle. You may see monkeys, toucans, many birds. At night you just stay there listening at the rumours of the forest, inside your confortable room.
You have swimming pool with ionized water and they have a great cooker that will prepare delicious food for you.
There is a group of residents. They are very nice people, easy going, friendly, open mind.
You can decide to live there or stay for some days, whatever, if you love nature, you must visit Osa Mountain Village.
Dont miss a honey moon in this dream place.
And do not forget to come in a 4 X 4 up to the mountain.

Brando and John in Florida | Added on Jun 02, 2011

We flew into San Jose and rented a car (you really need a 4×4 to get up the hill to Osa). The drive to Osa took about 3.5-4 hours. The road is just like any newer North American road. One word of caution, Do not speed, not even a little. Speed traps and corrupt police are waiting with extreme ticket prices ($500.00 for going 15km over) designed to encourage on the spot cash bribes. Most of Osa was under construction at the time we went but the zip line was done and provides 2 hours or so of solid fun and amazing mountain views. Bill and Eric in Guest Services are great. The villas are nice and newly outfitted with pans and dishes so you can cook if needed. There are restaurants that are 20 minutes away with a variety of prices ranging from low to high. Some of the tours were not  available when we went in April 2011,  but they probably are if you are reading this now. Overall a great experience and we will be back  again when  more is up and running.

Terry in Colorado | Added on May 17, 2011

We vacationed at Osa Mountain Village earlier this year and we stayed in one of the newly built villas which was outfitted like small home rather than a hotel room. We so enjoyed the breathe-taking views and lush natural surroundings, learning about the vision for a self-sustaining eco community, and we fell in love with this amazing resort! Osa Mountain Village offers a great place for vacations, with numerous activities oriented to families, couples and anyone who enjoys the most beautiful natural surroundings we have yet to see. The staff is comprised of wonderful people who make you feel welcome and comfortable, and who truly want you to have a great experience whether you simply want to chill out by the pool, hike, horseback ride or zoom down the zip line! We have traveled extensively over the years and Osa Mountain Village is a knock out!

Jerry & Carey Collis in Florida | Added on Apr 25, 2011

Carey and I started looking into Osa Mountain Village (OMV) in early 2009. After many e-mails to Jim Gale, we decided that a trip was in order. We arrived in Costa Rica in December 2009 taking our first look at OMV with Jim and his dad, Pat. What we saw was jungle and Jim’s vision of things to come. Believing in that vision, we purchased a lot with a panoramic view. Following the changes through e-mails and weekly webinars we knew it was time to revisit OMV. This last visit was in April 2011. What we saw was amazing. Jim’s visions coming to life. The people we met were even more amazing. Eric & Bill meeting us at the villa; Ricardo taking us on a grand tour of the local towns and on-site properties being built; the many other people who have moved to OMV and those just in the process of moving. Everyone enthusiastic, everyone happy. The villa, itself, had everything, including the view. Birds were everywhere, howler monkeys howling, butterflies as large as your hand, it was fantastic. To say we just enjoyed our stay at OMV would not give justice to the area or to the people we met. Suffice it to say, our visit ended with us purchasing another piece of paradise. We are looking forward to our next visit and eventually our permanant move to become part of the OMV family.

Jian in Colorado | Added on Apr 22, 2011

This would have been our 4th or 5th visit to OMV and 2nd stay at the resort villas.
Definitely a bargain for the accommodation and the fact that you have your own kitchen and TV and several rooms to use. Its more than camping in style in the Jungle, its Jungle Luxury.
I have no doubt we will be back particularly since our hosts Bill and Eric are now our good friends.
Do yourself a favor and stay there at least once in one of your visits to CR and you will not regret it.

Garo and Arlene Paroonagian in California | Added on Apr 22, 2011

GREAT VACATION HOME RENTALS – For the past year, Arlene and I have been researching retiring in Costa Rica. We heard about OSA Mountain Village (OMV) and decided to participate in a Webinar.
After listening to Jim Gale, we were convinced that we needed to visit OMV and see for ourselves what this was all about, as it sounded too good to be true. After a week there, one that we will never forget, we are convinced beyond any doubt that this is the real “Pura Vida” of Costa Rica It is also hard to imagine that one can become attached to people you have only known for a few days.
We are in process of buying Lot #14 and can’t wait to go back to visit our newly found family. What a phenomenal place and what great people. This also included interacting with some of the local pets; Flaca and Miso.
Special thanks to Jim, the visionary, Ricardo, a gentleman and the perfect host, Lisa & Blake, wealth of information, Eric & Bill, perfect accomodations.
Finally we look forward to seeing again, all the wonderful people we met; Jim’s dad Pat, Duane, Catherine & Lindsey, Jarred, Leigha & Robin, Mitch & Charlene, Stefanny & Christian.
We are excited about being a part of this unique community.

Henry Guetter in Canada | Added on Feb 17, 2011

I was quite attracted to Osa Mountain Village when I first discovered it on-line in December 2010. It took only a one day visit on-site to satisfy my inner skeptic. Not only does the place look and feel and smell and sound good, it has a buzz of optimism that is a precious resource for these times. Jim Gale and his team are creating an environment that offers a stunning mix of environmental alignment, good business modelling, educational opportunity, and spiritual renewal. I feel honored to participate in the growth and development of this world-class hope-stucture. Look me up when you visit – I will be in unit 12b!

Mitch Geller in California | Added on Feb 03, 2011

This place is perfect!  My wife and I bought a lot, sight unseen, based on the sustainable concepts and photos. When we visited in December (2010), we knew we made the right decision. OMV is so right on so many levels… it fits in perfectly with our concept of off-the-grid living. At the moment, we’re packing our house up and expect to be living at OMV by mid March. We’ll be opening a bar, so when you see that tall, graying, distinguished looking gentleman with the HUGE SMILE making tropical fruity drinks, that’ll be me. Pura vida at its best, in OMV.

Tony and Stacy from Oakdale, Minnesota | Added on Jan 13, 2011

Our stay at Osa Mountain Village was one of relaxation and tranquility! The treatment we received from everyone was wonderful the entire time we stayed there. We met quite a few people on this project and got a good feeling from them all.

The villa was beautiful and very accommodating. We stayed in the one bedroom villa looking out into the jungle with the hummingbirds and butterflies!   The setting is magnificent; whether you were in the jungle or looking out to the ocean view.  The mountain has a lot to offer for those that come to visit. The Canopy Tour is AMAZING and something you must dare to try!!!

You won’t be disappointed when you come to OMV!