Packing Tips


  • Passport
  • Emergency Information
  • Insurance /waiver form
  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Guide book / maps
  • Photocopy all documents (including tickets)


  • Comb/brush
  • Dental Floss
  • Deodorant
  • Skin care lotions
  • Makeup Mirror
  • Manicure kit
  • Towelettes.
  • Shaving cream and razor
  • Hairdryer

OMV Resort provides generic shampoo, hair conditioner, skin lotion and soap.


  • Day pack
  • Camera/film & additional batteries
  • Wet weather gear (rainy season in Costa Rica is from April to November)
  • Travel umbrella
  • Spanish Phrase Book
  • Travel journal
  • Address book
  • Visor or brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses

Personal Care & Comfort Items

  • Insect repellant
  • Aspirin/pain reliever
  • Laxative and diarrhea medication
  • Contact lens care
  • Band-aids
  • Sunscreen
  • Antibiotic cream.
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Personal prescriptions

Miscellaneous Items

  • Everyday Bag (In transit it will hold all the valuables you need to keep close: tickets, camera, prescription medication, and reading material)
  • Passport/money carrier (It is essential to keep passport and money secure).
  • Electrical converter/adapter (if coming from Europe)

Cell Phones

Many rental car agencies offer local cell phone rentals to use during your visit. They can be expensive and we do not recommend this because many of these phones are the older GSM phones instead of the new 3G protocol. Only the 3G phones will work in the area of Osa Mountain Village Resort and most of the Pacific coast south of Dominical.

Use your own 3G phone

If you own a 3G phone with an American carrier today, there is an easy and inexpensive solution that will allow you to use your phone while in Costa Rica. Before you leave your country contact your cell carrier and request the unlock code for your phone model. By law they now have to provide this information to you as it allows you to take your phone and use it on any carrier you desire (the one exception is the Apple Iphone). Once the phone has been unlocked, you can purchase a prepaid SIM chip here in Costa Rica. These are available at the airport in San Jose (except late at night). The provider here is called ICE (pronounced E-say). The ICE counter is located in the baggage claim area on the right side as you walk in after clearing customs. A $20 chip should last you 2-3 weeks depending on how many long distance calls to the U.S. that you make. If it should run out before your visit is up, simply go to any bank or major supermarket and you can add additional minutes to the chip. The chip is good for about 2 months, so if you are returning you can reuse it.

Pay Phones

Public phones do not accept foreign coins. The best thing to have is a phone card. There are two types: a “chip”, or a scratch off phone card in denominations of 500 and 1,000 colones. We recommend that you purchase one of these telephone cards when you arrive. You can get them at most grocery stores, pharmacies and the airport.