Edible Landscape

At Osa Mountain Village Resort we are creating an entire village with an edible landscape. Many types of fruits, vegetables and other edible plants are growing right outside of our villas. The edible landscaping of the property is an integral part of the overall sustainability of the resort. The goal is produce 100% of the food necessary for the community and for our guests staying at the resort to live on. Imagine going to our tilapia pond in the afternoon and catching fresh fish for dinner, and on the way back to your villa, grabbing some fresh herbs from the edible gardens along with some Spinach and maybe something for a green salad. In the morning, wake up to a breakfast of fresh eggs that were laid yesterday, not a month ago, and some Kamote hash browns.

While staying with us you’ll enjoy fresh, healthy organic produce and naturally raised chicken, eggs, and tilapia. In the future, we plan to grow freshwater shrimp, lobsters, pigs, ducks, turkeys and possibly other animals for meat. Food production is an important part of the sustainability of the resort. With our 30 acre edible garden and an edible landscape throughout the resort, great fresh food is only steps away. Come to Osa Mountain Village Resort to enjoy an incredible adventure vacation while also learning about how a sustainable lifestyle is good for you and for the environment around us.