Community Outreach

Refuge of Love Orphanage

The Refuge of Love is a sustainable orphanage established by the people at Osa Mountain Village. Refuge of Love is an organization committed to providing a haven for abandoned and homeless children, providing them with the love, support, education, life skills and opportunities necessary to become productive. The Refuge of Love also works with single mothers to help them with child care while they work during the day.

Due to Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity, the Refuge of Love has the unique opportunity to be a sustainable orphanage, using permaculture, vertical hydroponic agriculture systems, and tilapia ponds to supply nearly all of the food needed for the children. Additionally, the children of the Refuge will learn how to operate these systems, grow their own food, and utilize these programs in their communities as they develop into sustainable conscientious adults. This unique opportunity allows the Refuge to easily feed the children with very little cost, ensuring that donations to the orphanage will directly support the children’s education and medical expenses.

For more details and how you can donate or get involved in our efforts, please visit Refuge of Love Orphanage.

World Institute for Sustainability & Education

Sustainable living practices allow all people to realize and improve their quality of life as they simultaneously protect and support the Earth. At Osa Mountain Village Resort, we have a way for you to learn how to do this at The World Institute for Sustainability and Education, otherwise known as W.I.S.E.. W.I.S.E. offers courses exploring health and well-being as well as ways to live in harmony and cooperation with nature, teaching you how to easily produce your own fruits and vegetables, as well as work with the local materials around you to decrease our collective footprint and impact on Mother Earth with focus on the synergy between man and nature. For more information on how to enroll, please contact