General Policies

  1. Noise and Music Equipment: In order to guarantee everyone’s tranquility please limit the volume of noise and music inside and outside of your villa, particularly after 11:00pm. Music equipment is not allowed in the public areas.
  2. Smoking: To guarantee your safety and the comfort of all guests please do not smoke inside your villa. If you do, the resort will charge you a penalty to cover for deep cleaning. If you wish to smoke in public areas please consider people around you.
  3. Conduct: Osa Mountain Village Resort reserves the right to ban from its facilities any person that:
    1. Commits immoral or illegal acts.
    2. Causes damage to its facilities.
    3. Uses or commercializes illegal substances.
    4. Disrespects other clients or resort staff.
  4. Automobiles: Osa Mountain Village Resort offers complimentary parking to its guests and clients. The resort will not be responsible for any damage occurred to an automobile during its stay at the resort. The resort is not responsible for lost articles left in the automobile.
  5. Flora and Fauna: Among the species you will probably be able to see at or around the resort are: toucans, scarlet macaws, white faced and squirrel monkeys, pizotes, raccoons and iguanas. PLEASE DO NOT FEED WILD ANIMALS. Besides altering nature’s balance, it may be dangerous for you. Also please do not pick or alter in any way flowers or other types of vegetation.
  6. Insects: The resort is located in the tropical rainforest and therefore we share the space with different types of inoffensive or mildly harmful insects. Nevertheless, for your comfort we suggest:
    1. Close the villa’s windows when the lights are turned on.
    2. Check all pieces of clothing and footwear before dressing up or packing.
    3. Wear shoes when stepping out of your villa.
    4. Should you have insect problems in your villa, please do not hesitate to contact the reception desk.
  7. Tips: We thank you for recognizing an excellent job and attitude with a small tip. The act is more important than the amount.
    1. Housekeepers: if you would like to leave a tip you may do so in a closed envelope in the villa upon your departure.
    2. Bellhops and others: if you wish, you may give it directly to the person.
    3. Restaurants: according to Costa Rican law, all restaurant bills must include a 10% service tax. If you believe service was exceptional you may leave an additional tip.
  8. Gifts to resort personnel: For your own security, should you wish to give an item as a gift to an outstanding employee, we ask that you leave us a note with your name and signature, description, quantity and date. The resort does not allow gifts of open alcoholic beverages. Thank you for your generosity!
  9. Lost & Found: Please contact Guest Services if you have misplaced any belongings.  Lost & Found items are stored for 3 months. After that period of time the resort may dispose of them as it sees fit.